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God and Existentialism

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God and Existentialism
Existentialist philosophy claims that men are free. Otherwise, they enjoy an unparalleled state of liberty in the world. However, the reality men face their world can be artlessly depressing. In a man’s world, every indication suggests that men are not free. God often becomes a source of strength for men.

Sartrean Ethics

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This book is about Jean-Paul Sartre and his philosophy. There is no doubt that Sartre is a giant in human literature. But as he established himself as a powerhouse in philosophy, he became the target of constant scrutiny.

Why Do People Commit Crimes

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Why Do People Commit Crimes: Assessing Three Major Crime Theories

This book examines three dominant crime theories (Biological theory of crime, Neighborhoods and crime, and Moral panic). The biological theory of crime posits that criminals are born, not made. The concept of neighborhoods and crime theory claims that where one lives determines likelihood of criminality.