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Cogito, Ergo Philosophus

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There is a link between human thinking and human survival. To explain that correlation as persuasively as possible, I proclaim Cogito, Ergo Philosophus, which means, I think, therefore I philosophize.

God and Existentialism

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God and Existentialism
Existentialist philosophy claims that men are free. Otherwise, they enjoy an unparalleled state of liberty in the world. However, the reality men face their world can be artlessly depressing. In a man’s world, every indication suggests that men are not free. God often becomes a source of strength for men.

Jean-Paul Sartre and Morality

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The Sartrean legacy in ethics is under siege. While Jean-Paul Sartre is regarded as a prolific writer and a well-accomplished philosopher. He compiled works in the following: novel, playwright, and biography, to name a few, many are convinced that ethics was not his strong suit.


Le Fardeau de la Vie

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Le Fardeau de la Vie

Le Fardeau de la Vie (Une traduction du titre “The Burden of Life”) est un livre sur la survie et l’esprit humain. C’est une exploration philosophique de la persévérance humaine face à un monde hostile.

Sartre Lives On

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This short opus explores the current debate regarding the moral philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre. It examines the issues that are often levied against this brilliant thinker. This text is a preamble to other works.

This book does not assess the ramifications of popular views regarding the Sartrean legacy of the giant in human literature.

Sartrean Ethics

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This book is about Jean-Paul Sartre and his philosophy. There is no doubt that Sartre is a giant in human literature. But as he established himself as a powerhouse in philosophy, he became the target of constant scrutiny.

The Being in the World

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The Being in the World: The Being, The Self, and The Self-Within-The-Self

To be in this world is to exist by fate and not by faith. Men must manifest a presence that is far beyond a mere charnel state. The man must be in the world in both the flesh and the mind. The philosophy of human existence can be unnecessarily complex. As a species, men often find it hard to survive on this rock called earth.