America is going through a troublesome time. There is an ongoing debate about immigration. Since Mr. Donald Trump took office in 2017, anti-immigration sentiments are raw and passionate. Most Americans believe the county needs stringent immigration policies. In response, the Trump administration implemented the most Draconian measures. The effects of those policies were devastating, especially for immigrant families. In 2019, four Congresswomen (also known as “The Squad”) took a stance against what they perceived as egregious conducts by the American government officials at the US-Mexico border. In response, President Donald Trump invited the four women to “Go back to their crime-infested country.” While many Americans immediately repudiated the president’s remark, others supported it. In this book, the author presents a more personal look at the effects of American immigration policies. He describes his realities as an immigrant living in the United States for over two decades. This book offers a critic of the American social reality. The author relates the obstacles immigrants families must navigate in America. This book is available in several languages, including French and Spanish.

Publisher: Tesko Publishing
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