A Policy Assessment of Adult Learning

Adult Education in America
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Relying on personal insights, Dr. Ben wood Johnson offers educators, students, and school administrators alike a glimpse into the reality of adult learning. Adult learners face a panoply of situations, which often have detrimental effects on their psyche. The American educational system was not designed for adults. Older learners often face insurmountable obstacles in their quest for an education. Mostly, adult learners are left to fend for themselves. Many of them have no other alternatives but to abandon their educational goals. Adult Education in America—a policy assessment of adult learning—offers the reader a genuine lens to explore the issues. The text focuses on problems related to logistics, pedagogy, employment, relationships among students, school staff (e.g., administrators and faculty), and other personal situation. The book explores common issues in higher education, which many people, including school administrators, are aware of, but seldom tackle with concrete solutions.

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