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Tesko Publishing

Tesko Publishing is an independent publishing house. It is a subsidiary of My Eduka Solution, which is also a subdivision of Ben Wood Educational Consulting Services (BWEC, LLC). The company became operational in 2015.

The Tesko Publishing enterprise is an online publishing entity. However, most of the products we offer on our platform are available both in digital formats and in physical forms. See our sales and return policies to learn more.

We offer a variety of products. You can purchase every item listed on the site directly from us. You may also purchase similar items from a different vendor associated with us. Most of our book sales, for example, are fulfilled by Amazon.

We are here to serve you. Contact us if you have questions or if you have any concerns.

Tesko Publishing (An Independent Press)
330 W. Main St. Unit 214,
Middletown, PA 17057
Phone: (+1) 814 404 4976
Fax: 814 404 4976
Email: tkpubhouse@gmail.com
Website: www.teskopublishing.com